Hello José Manuel!

I really enjoyed the challenge that you have proposed, especially after having spoken of Helio Oiticica and Lygia Clark…

I am posting these pictures because they speak about my daily life and my inner journey (in general is that it takes me away). These objects were my “work in progress”during a workshop with Christophe Zellweger here in Lisbon.
Through them I wanted to talk about “breath” and gradually I realized that the point was “communication.”
We can speak the same “língua” but not have the same ”linguagem”*. The lack of communication makes me breathless. And that can happen when I’m away from “home “(well, the notion of ” home “is very relative!). In certain places and for a certain period I am like a fish out of water. I feel foreign.
Therefore I seek perform pieces that encourage interaction, curiosity. Just like a kid who wants to make friend and he lends his superhero’s cape (a children’s Parangolé…).

*in Portuguese there are two terms for “language” to express a language spoken in one country and another term that refers more to the expression of this language.



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