Hi Hanna,

sorry you had to wait so log to hear from me again.

I have spant the last week in Berlin, where I maybe live next (or again). I haven’t taken the dessition jet. Even if you move your place of leaving often, it’s allways a difficult decition to take.

I was born in Colombia, South America from a family who was allready half emigrant. My grand parents from my father site had to emigrate durring the second world war from Germany.

My father allways sayed that the best way of learning was by traveling.  I got to travel a lot. Some times with him but also by my self, also as very young.  When I finished my art studies in Bogota, I decided I wanted to leave some place elese. I was open for everything, but a friend of mine who was living in Berlin offer me to take his apartment. And so was it. I ened up in Germany, by a total coincidence, learning the language of my grandparents, and getting to know a culture I didn’t realize it was also a strong  part of me.

It’s funny, buy I didn’n even know how to pronaunce my last name.. Biermann.Very german … jaja

I moved in Germany because of my studies first to Pforzheim and then to München, where I live now. I have tried to go back to Colombia several times, but every time it comes up something different and I end up staying.

It is now ten years since then…Now I’m here!  getting preperd to become a mother.

When I get back home, I’ll send you some images.



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