Origomu: Jewellery that calls for environmental awareness

Every year, thousands of six-pack rings threaten the lives of shore birds and marine animals harming our environment.

Greencard Creative, a multidisciplinary agency that creates, transforms and promotes brands, movements and initiatives from and to the American Latino audience in the US and in Latin America and often focused in environmental and social matters, has developed Origomu, a project that promotes to promote environmental awareness through design. Origomu is a technique that uses the plastic six-pack rings used to hold together six-packs of beer and soda cans to create jewellery.

Greencard Creative has created a contest to select and award the best three pieces:

1st Prize $5,000
2nd Prize $2,000
3rd Prize $1,000

And to feature the best 500 pieces in a book published by Taschen Books.

Although the contest was originally targeted to the general public (so visitors of this blog are kindly invited to participate), Otro Diseno believes that Jewellery has a tremendous power to communicate and its portability makes it an ideal media to promote awareness on matters as important as this one. We are convinced that the limitless talent and ability to transform, create and communicate though ornaments that you jewellery-makers have, would make a remarkable contribution to the Origomu initiative.  Therefore, we would like to invite you all to take part of this project which we hope you will find challenging, encouraging and important enough.

The only premise is to use plastic six-pack rings as part of your piece. You can either learn the Origomu technique explained at the Origomu site of the create your own. The rings can be manipulated any way you can think of and can be combined with all kinds of materials. The format is free and you can present up to five pieces (or a series of five).

To enter the contest, all entry forms and photos of your finished work must be submitted before November 30th, no later than 11:59PM US East Time.

Please, vist the Origomu webpage to learn more about the project.


We are sure that many of you will be able to make a good statement about this important matter. We hope thatyou will be challenged by smart initiative and that the Taschen book will feature the work of many of you.


Blue Heron Caught on Six Pack Holder


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