Hi Leonor,

Following up on our recent correspondence, below are some images of what’s emerged.

I took some inspiration from your resin forms and process as I decided on what to finally make. In several recent drawings/paintings I have used the motif of a hovering eye – a kitsch, cartoonish eye that emerges from electric chakras, engaging notions of cosmic-vision and transcendence. While the imagery is kitsch and playful, the idea of transcendence and seeing beyond is something I’m actually quite interested in. Below are a few images for reference, followed by the final outcome, sort of a brooch-object with a candy-like finish.


Cosmic Taino seeing through Purple, acrylic on paper, 17" x 14", 2009


Experimenting with polymer forms

Experimenting with polymer forms

Third eye (indigo blue), Acrylic, enamel, resin

Third eye (indigo blue), Acrylic, enamel, resin, ML 2010

brooch, side view

Third eye (indigo blue), brooch - side view

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