dead by chocolate

Hi Eduardo,
Here the progression at the other side of the Atlantic. The idea for your work makes me curious, it sounds beautiful. It will be a very interesting object to look at I think. Looking forward seeing it and curious what you will capture inside the silver tubing.
Thank you very much for sending me the pictures I needed. I put them together and –apart from the white- distilled six main colours O’Gorman seems to have been using in his murals: light grey, dark gray, blue, purplish red, ochre and pink. I will design a transfer in these colours that I will have printed. I want to use numbers in these colours on my skulls. Here some photos after pouring my Mole Negro into the moulds and a growing heap of deadly chocolates.
Success with your piece and also in the lab! I once got a chemistry toy box as a present as a kid with test tubes and all kinds of chemicals (iron filings, sulphur, etc) and a meths burner. I spilled some of one of my concoctions on the bed and a few days later there where enormous holes in my bed spread. My mother wasn’t happy she gave me that present on second thoughts. And of course I never made it as laboratory worker… :-D   Back to the Mole now. See you soon again. Peter

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