greetings from the other side…..

Hey Agnieszka! 

When I saw your photos I thought about xenophobia, and it relates to the phrase grass is not greener on the other side since there are so many possibilities wheater you let people in or not either its on your life, on this beach , in your country….influences are endless it depends on how easy you get bored therefore how much change or routine you need in your life ( security vs risk and all the things that come along with both ends) “ when you get to the other side, you just may wanna come back…. ” its hard to decide  on one thing once you have tasted so many, maybe its easier to remain with in your area as this signs suggest, but easy is not always the best…. 


I saw the photo you sent me, and its ironic since this is one of the worst accidents to the enviroment, but in this photo you can see how the vegetation grew again and took its place again, kind of  the cycle of regenaration -> this relates to the idea of migration, kind of regenerating ones life in the gray area or out of it, its all a cycle, finding the green.  

I really like the phrase ” grass is not always greener on the other side”. It can have many approaches. To me every side has its green part, not as better but as different. It all depend on the eye of the beholder . I like to show my green side of my actual area (importance of nature) so as a jewelry function this can be carried around with you as you walk into different areas.

following the green path

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