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Dear Sebastián

I’m happy to know that you made a decision: it’s always the most difficult… What’s important is to be happy with your work. The thread’s end is already in your hands!
I’m also very happy to have met you and exchanged important ideas over several issues that are important for me… That was undoubtely a great chalenge for my thoughts, emotions and, consequently for my work.
I hope you felt it likewise.
My working space is mainly through photography. I am a jewelry aprentice . My present stage is experimenting, trial and error ( or aiming the goal). My aim in this project is to discover new fields of interest, to take chances. I enjoyed having you as a partner in this trip.
Today, after a period of total crisis, lack of inspiration, frustration, emptiness in short, i had an idea for the object. Ever since we talked about fire, rebirth, ashes, i decided to do something with charcoal…Soon i’ll send you a drawing to make you figure out better what i mean. It’s a charcoal cube and the jewel lies within. This cube is compact and fragile at the same time. For the jewel to be “released” you are forced to break and destroy the charcoal chunk and dirt your hands…I’m not sure about the jewel yet, but i have an idea…maybe it’ll be just a gold nugget…nothing is certain for the moment… As for the others, they’ll be all very simple, like seeds to bud.
Keep in touch!

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