My thoughts exactly, Carolina!

I see you are a lover of sewing too (or maybe just do it out of necessity…)! It’s exactly these funny overlapped sewing patterns that I also think of in regards to cultural behavior patterns or movements in life. In Germany they are the ‘famous’ BURDA sewing patterns from the do-it-yourself fashion magazine with the same name. You go crazy trying to make sense and unravel them! All these years I have been holding on to a piece of one, and it’s been stuck to my studio wall for ages and inspiring different thoughts. I also love those little drawings demonstrating the different pattern pieces on the back.

I also really love the idea of the Quipus, very exciting. And the first thing that popped into my mind in connection with the talking knots was how carpets are knotted too and usually made of wool, only that their sometimes symbolic storytelling was in the images that were created on the surface. We could regard the experiences in our life or many of the memories as knots marking a continuous string.  There’s also the saying about making a knot in your handkerchief meaning that you want to remember something. Do you have that in Spanish too? Too bad the Quipus system is still a mystery — it would be so interesting to maybe be able to apply it to something…

Burda patternBurda pattern sketches

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