Quipus and sewing patterns

overlaping and layers


Hi Andrea

If we want to symbolized the idea of overlapping our daily routines and paths, or  even our thoughts, we may invent a new way of drawing, maps or patterns.

Paper patterns hide different shapes, it’s a language. Decode layer by layer. (again !).

And now I will jump into the Inkas. (Leonor and Miguel are talking about them).

I visited a exhibition called “ Chile under the Inka empire” .There I saw Quipus (sometimes called talking knots).

The Incas had never acquired the art of writing, but they developed  a system of knotted cords to store massive amounts of information important to their culture and civilization. The Quipus were made of Alpaca or Llama wool, dyed in various colors, the significance of which was known to the magistrates. The cords were knotted in such a way to represent the decimal system and were fastened at close intervals along the principal strand of the quipus.

It’s still a mystery how to use the quipu.

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