I feel like a diver coming up for air again on this blog

Radiator1Radiato3Hi Carolina, it’s good that you are starting to get closer to what you want to do. I’m working here on stones in thoughts of what I could do with them in the future, what kind of theme(s) would fit etc. And while that is going on my emotional and mental “body” is dealing with the migration theme while my physical body is trying to fit into the time plan! Since I have had thoughts about the emotional-cultural aspect of migrants for new work even before WGA came on my path I am quite positive that that is the direction my work for this show will take me. Especially since that is what I feel most strongly about, less about actual borders. My way of working usually ends up being a playing with materials and shapes and details that remind me of the exact feeling to translate. That is actually what interests me a lot – different layers of possible aspects that in the end are connected or comparable even though they may even be quite different. For example these two pictures taken in the old chain factory her in Idar-Oberstein behind the artist-in-residence apartment:

Seeing the beautiful old radiators made me think of the feeling I have for my old home country Germany – lovely (to remember) but not functional (in my new life) or connected to the time now anymore.

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