Human Magnet stuck in time warp…

Totally stressy… So sorry, Carolina, but this back and forth every weekend is and will stay really time-consuming. I feel I do not have enough hours to keep up on everything. Even downloading photos, gettin them ready for posting, for the blog is more than I can do. Most of my hours each day here, even on the weekend to catch up for lost time  (and dead tired coming back to my temporary ‘home’) are at the school and grinding mills. The stone process is quite slow. Also have to keep up with my professional contact work even on the side lines (and internet connection here at the apartment is SO slow). No time for drawing just for fun or feeling like taking a walk in the fall forest. But the wheels are so addictive, and the time at them can be hell for your hands and back, but the humming sound creates a meditative bubble that just envelopes my mind and is totally calming. So with this in my life right now you will probably not hear that often from me from now through November.

There are things here around the behavior of people that every now and then just make me so happy I am not living on this side of the border any more! Actually, a big gift to be able to spend time here like this to really ‘get that message’! It still will never take away the Gray Area of being immigrant but will hopefully soften the edges somewhat.

Your studio view towards the mountains is lovely, and the summer light soothing. Must be very productive!

Enjoyment and adventures in the gray area to you,


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