Nice photo of  Lisboa (beautiful how the cloud hovers above like a slumbering giant).  And I hope that your drawer salad was as good as mine!  I did quite a bit of clearing out too, nice to get rid of that old stale stagnant stuff and to make room for new things.  I almost think that I like throwing things away more than buying new stuff (and this started when I read a book my Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart, where one character only owns a total of two boxes, or very little, so moving is easy).  Now I also seem to be quite aware of garbage, waste and what it means to get new stuff and then to get rid of the old (this is part of the last post about toxic substances and so on).  I never thought about it much and I don’t know why.  But maybe the why is actually not really important here anymore because I seem to be aware of it now…

Perhaps the Age of Mercury is what we are in now, or we could call it The Golden Age of Neglect!  It makes me a bit sad and currently I am thinking about all of this to understand its core and the way it moves from its core to its end result (if the consequences ever come to a complete stop).  And this is heavy stuff, so I think I will leave this for myself alone.

Bones.  I love bones too.  Structures.  Scaffold.  Death.  I love the concept of death also (or how it is such a mysterious thing, so hidden from the world, cleared away from the public eye, sanitized, bleached, made pretty for the funeral, yet we are ALL going to experience it, no escape possible no matter what we try AND most of us are so afraid of it to the point that we never truly live).

skull card This is a recent(ish) piece.  A skull pin with emerald eyes on an old playing card.  And to answer your question, I did make a few pieces with food, but manipulated the food in a way that it would survive its ephemeral nature.  I found that this was not an area for me!


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