andalusia treestripped cork oakwhite treesOrigami in Kyotostamps in tokyotokyomesquita cordobapebbles at the beachswimming poolDear Samantha,

Sometimes I’m using a new environment especially to reach a new entrance for a series of work. One example: the white trees in Andalusia gave me the urge to transform this beautiful, kind of sterile image in jewels. During one year I worked in a former brothel, which inspired me to create a new collection of rings, the Red-light collection.

I live in Amsterdam for eighteen years. I started my study in Switzerland and finished it in the Netherlands. I came as a tourist too, like you. I wanted to hold my stage in Amsterdam because the climate for Art in this town felt good to me.

It was a culture shock because even only one thousand kilometres to the North everything is different. I had to learn a new language, which is always amazing. I lived in a different way than before. It’s not just about another country but also another way of living as a starter. I’m sure you recognize one or another.

Now I’m sure that I found a new home. I started a family. I still travel a lot for work and for pleasure. Lots of places are inspiring. Direct or indirect. But to create, a quiet period is needed after all the impressions and restlessness.

Of course, immigration changes life and point of views enormously. Has your work or the vision about what you like to do changed since you have been settled in Barcelona?

It would be nice if we could find a place where we both where once in our life, a place that left an impression. We could discuss about this place and try to come to a start in this project.

What do you think?

Warm regards from rainy Amsterdam,



Something I always wanted to know from migrants: Do you feel sometimes like I do, a kind of homesickness, dispite that you are very happy in the “new” Country? A kind of strange sentiment about your old customs, language, food, music or humor? I always was very critic about Switzerland during my life there. Now it turned out that I feel more patriotic than I ever expected.

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