From the Human Magnet!

Hi Carolina, the ‘Human Magnet’ (me) has been almost attached to the stone cutting workshop  the last week, sacrificing my fingernails, skin on my fingers, wet and damp from the spraying water of the grinding wheels, but in return I now have a fairly sizable pile of little cut stones, some of them even finished being polished. My greed hath no end! The little pieces of now mostly rock crystal and smokey rock crystal seemed to attach themselves to my greedy hands as if by magic or magnetism! This week for a couple of days I will be able to participate at a workshop here in the old (fashion jewelry) chain making factory. It’s in the stage of planning for becoming a museum, but now the machinery still works but is out of business so to speak.

I noticed a while back that I was being attracted to the idea of working with chains here because their pattern in a way also very much reminds me of cutting pattern lines for clothing. Maybe not logical except in my mind… So I’m afraid the Human Magnet will also be carrying around LOTS of samples and examples of chain stuff!!!

What I have also been ‘collecting’ here away from home are warm contacts with very lovely people connected to the school. It is like a very cozy place in this strange town to feel comfortable, understood and at home. This is a very valuable experience to take back with me.

By the way, I very much like your drawings and envy you being able to automatically turn to this medium as holding on to your impressions and connecting and transforming them to your thoughts like you do.

Till soon, Andrea

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