From the ‘Human Magnet’ to Carolina -

I had to chuckle at the idea of all those things sticking to me, and at the same time it’s terribly SCARY!  My nature is being a collector of things I find interesting for their material or appearance or the memories they hold and keep me connected with. But for some time now I’ve been trying more to throw things out faster, delete more, and still incoming things with scarcity of time seem to keep the upper hand…

So let’s please make that a selective human magnet – only what does me good or what I can use! Thankfully the EU doesn’t have border controls anymore, so that I won’t have to declare what I have been collecting with my magnet!

Are you a ‘collector’, and if so what kind of things?

Warmly from a beautiful autumn Amsterdam,


(Here’s one of my new ‘acquisitions’ from the summer which is now decorating my bathroom: a little children’s plastic crab I found in the sand when I went to San Diego’s Silver Strand Beach with my niece)

Sand crab

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