Ligia Clark: great researcher

When I was in Art school and I got to know Ligia Clark’s work, I was also working in a silver jewellery workshop. I was concerned both with my art production and “design” one. Knowing her work gave me the first glimpse of a way of producing jewellery that could have an extra meaning, combining things, going to the gray area.

Here I post some images of a collection of 2004/2005 I presented at Galerie Biro. The title is the same of one of her works “Nostalgia do Corpo” in portuguese, “Longing for the body” in english. I think that’s what a piece of jewellery longs for: a body to give it a broader meaning.

The interesting thing about Clark is that the research of the participation of the viewer, turning him/her into an active part of the work, drove her towards art therapy in the end of her life

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