some letters

Hi Terhi!
Estoy trabajando con todas las palabras-historias-ciudades donde he vivido (y sus rastros). Para ello he sacado mi juego de cucharas, reglas y todas las letras…




I’m working with all the words-stories-cities where I lived (and trails). For this game I got my spoons, rulers and all the letters …


Dear Cristina,

Olá! You’ve got exactly the spirit of the Ping Pong work. The “tête a tête”, the dialogue, the “descentralization” changing poles, gathering  spaces and discovering new routes between people. There is a sense of mirroring: “I am what you see I’m seeing (looking at)”, like the picture that you posted.

So, the idea of the mirror for the nicho at Ex Tereza “sounds” very reflective/reflexive.

However, I’m not sure that I have a (good) sound record of the ping-pong work. I think this noise could not be perceived correctly… But I like very much the idea of the sound behind the mirror, throug the image.

At this moment I can hear a typewritting machine (like an old Remington machine) and… it sounds like someone “spelling” from another time, another space, another world. This sound evokes images with some narrative. The rithm and the power of the typewritting express the emotional spirit of the writer (or more than only one machine?).

I’ve got the daring to say that is possible to know about the content of the “letter” only hearing its sounds… It’s like a mirroring of the subjetc meaning.

What do you think about this? How its sounds for you?


Work in progress


Still not ready. Contemplating about unknown and known places….

Dear Chequita, just now I saw your replay for the last letter. I loved your comment about the Estonian city names, I haven’t thought about the similarity of foreign words with exotic food names.

I shall continue and keep you posted. I have really intense period in the museum right now too. We are going to take down the triennial and build up our permanent display. These are my major projects, happening every third year, therefore, everything takes extra long time for me now.

All the best,


Hi Ketli,

These words to me sound like ingredients of dishes. Or like spices. But that is a problem I have to me a lot of words reminds me of Food! I am working on some new pendants. Also found some mexican symbols, but I will use mostly Surinam symbols perhaps combining them with Dutch symbols. Will sent you pictures tomorrow.

Some metal


It will be very nice if we continue this “cyberconversation” it is very interesting, maybe we can do it by email(, as you say, somehow the fact that it is a blog, make us write a little bit confuse…in order not to be understand it by all but by the ones that we want.

About my piece, i finished yesterday and i took it to take the picture, as i told you in the post before, i am interested in working in “opposites” and how they are a “match”, and finally i did something that i will show you when i will have the photo, but basically i worked with silver, a little bit 3D and with silver oxidized.

I am sending you two pictures, one are drafts, and the other is to show you the kind of shapes that lately i am working and that i like a lot, because are soft and calls you to be touched.

bye bye

PS:Are you going to be at the symposium? I would like so much, but i can´t.



heads on stakes


All heads are glazed now and ready to go into the kiln for the second firing. Here the skulls for the collar.
And here the small ones for the extra five necklaces.
All on their stakes. Will fire them today.

work in progress


Hey Agnieszka!

This is what I’m working on. I try to express words like -> unity, reminder, nostalgia, and at the same time trying to relate them to the wearer enhancing the sense of smell . Some of the pieces smell, and so they bring me memories mostly about my childhood reminding me about my identity. As for others I want to show them my green side of the fence, and remind them about the presence of nature. Point that realates to the idea of our collaboration piece………awareness, nature, green, technology, metropolis, fragile, balance…….. how is everything going for you? :)

studing Zobeide and other citys…


…”they arranged spaces and walls differently from the dream, so she would be unable to escape again…

..they changed the positions of arcades and stairways to resemble more closely the path..

a golden thread




This picture, to me, says a lot also about reflexion and dialogue.

It is interesting how can you be identified through the things you are looking at!

I like this picture very much because of that paradox.

I just send it has a portrait of myself to the Gray Area organizers.

Hope that it adds something to our dialogue and to this thinking process through out Ultrabarroc trial!



Your Ping Pong Sound + My Reflection on the Mirror

Dear Heleno

I was impress by your last installation with the ping pong tables. Impress me the interaction with the people and the plastic visual effect…and the sound!

You told me that for You that piece somehow links to Ultrabarroc subject – I do agree:

First the dialogue. The “tête à tête” between 2 peoples. The changing of ideas, the tensions and the strategies to achieve a certain goal! Plus the connotations with the site where was done the installation at Rio…

Then, for me, the fact that this information arrives at the day I found a possible strategy to my intervention on Ultrabarroc project was quite meaningful.

Has I told you briefly on my last email I was quiet concern about colonizing spaces, about individual attitudes, contamination, tension and interaction.

How can I be Me being You.

The “Nicho” at Ex Tereza, refers to me a shelter, a place of retreat to meditation…a hidden space!

To arrive to a new place and to set up a mirror in order to reflect ourselves it is an egocentric attitude, about our ego and to the idea of feeling protect, of feeling at home…

But behind that mirror I wanted to represent the space from the other, the place of arriving!… and even if it is hidden the space behind that mirror, we can feel it or knowing it through a certain sound…that will come out from that space behind and impose the culture the presence of the other through that…

On my first thought I imagine that the sound will represent You…your voice, your environment – for instance…but considering now this incredible strong and sonorous pin pong piece from you,… I found it extremely interesting to hear that sound once I will be looking at Me on that mirror, Do you understand what I mine? Did you already have record that sound?

The sound – It will bring you through the memory and presence of your work. But also the ping pong game represent a lot about the discussion here thought out this project!

Let me know what you think!



Aloha Eduardo,
Finished applying the white slip today. Dip, dip, dip. Tomorrow I will start with the second dipping round: the glaze, which will also soak the slip layer and thus cause a better attachment of the slip to the black clay base.

You see how well the wax resists the slip.

Here I am cutting steel pins, which will carry the separate elements in the second firing. They will prevent the glazed elements from fusing onto each other or from sticking to the kiln shelves.

How are you doing? Success, Peter

Hi Chequita!

Thank you for sharing your images and sending the comments. An interesting piece you made out of paper. I also found interesting to see your ring. Your pieces remained me of relics. Some things with a certain meaning but for people with different cultural background they could be interpreted in many different ways.

I am glad you liked the idea of pendants, I am still working with one. I am very slow with my work.  The process itself brought up many ideas and now when it is time to finish it takes more time then ever expected. I guess it is also very natural.

Carrying in my head idea about rings marking different spots in Estonia and Suriname. Names, may sound just poetic and completely disguarding. I find names of the Suriname cities- Paramaribo, Apoera, Tepoe, Moengo, Jenny and Apetina very beautiful and even a bit mysterious.
What do names like Tallinn, Hiiumaa, Kiviõli, Rakvere, Mahu tell you?
In Estonian and in Finnish there are quite some worlds written in the same way, but they mean an opposite. Lots of hilarious stories.

I have to admit, that while starting with this project, I was kind of confused while getting to know that Chequita you are from Suriname, which in the map inside of my little brains was a country in Africa . Who ever I asked from my friends they all were also convinced that Suriname is in Africa. It is really embarrising, but nobody could explain why we all thought so. There were two of my friends who related Suriname with Asia too, but nobody guessed that it is in South America. As you see this experience has really changed my world.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow.

Best greetings and good luck with your work,

PS! We really have no time left, isn’t it so, that works have to arrive to Holland for next Monday?


La ventana de la nariz :: The nostril

Menkar proviene de la palabra árabe منخر manħar que significa “la ventana de la nariz” y es una fría gigante roja de tipo espectral.
Menkar comes from the Arabic word منخر manħar which means “nostril” and is a cool red giant of spectral type.

Una estrella de color naranja brillante en la ventana de la nariz o mandíbula abierta del monstruo marino.
A bright orange star in the nostril or open jaw of the Sea Monster.

Menkar se encuentra en la fase final de su evolución estelar y se convertirá en una nebulosa planetaria y en su centro quedará una masiva enana blanca….
Menkar is in the final stages of stellar evolution and will become a planetary nebula and its center will be a massive white dwarf….


knot, unknot?

step 6step 6abstep 6c

Hi Andrea, I’m still looking for the right fit. Knot or unknot?…and taking a look to our conversation, from the begining….

Un jeroglífico :: A hieroglyph

Querida Jantje el trabajo sigue, los ingenios piden mucho tiempo y dedicación. Los siete en conjunto serán la pieza que presentaré, en un soporte de 50 por 40 centímetros, creo que será una tela o un cuero. Tienen un orden exacto y trataré de descifrar que es lo que me quieren decir: como un jeroglífico, estoy tratando de entender su significado en conjunto.
Un abrazo…

Dear Jantje, the  work continues, those wits ask me for more time and dedication. The seven piece set will be presenting on a support of 50 by 40 centimeters, I think cloth or leather. They have an exact order and I am trying to decipher what they have to say: as a hieroglyph, I’m trying to understand its altogether meaning.
a hug …


Bird migration

Hi Susanne!!!
I was reading about migration and looking for terms or phrases for my piece and I found many things about
bird migration.

I remembered your piece seems very nice to compare our migration with the bird migration

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A flock of barnacle geese during autumn migration

Bird migration is the regular seasonal journey undertaken by many species of birds. Bird movements include those made in response to changes in food availability, habitat or weather. These however are usually irregular or in only one direction and are termed variously as nomadism, invasions, dispersal or irruptions. Migration is marked by its annual seasonality.[1] In contrast, birds that are non-migratory are said to be resident or sedentary.



Ketli the ringIMG_2425test3 and other thingsring


Yes, I have the same feeling about the ending of this project. Whole the time the end seemed to be soo far away and the time endless to go on but at once there is this dead-line (a terrible word). But well, it means to stop with this project but of course not to stop with the exchange.

I feel a bit pity to not get more in contact, but I’m also not that quick in answering or talk active, so as you wrote and sometimes it is even not that easy to write something while you know that a lot of people look at it.

I would love to continue, to share experiences and thoughts, especially about the firewalls. It would be sad to think that now it stops and why shouldn’t it, while we just started?

It is in my mind and I will go on with it but for this project it was too much, I was not able to get grip on it. I haven’t got that clear image yet how to continue but I feel that it attracts me a lot. And what you are writing about my fascination for color, it is there but I couldn’t work it out till now.

It is a bit pity, I really would like to have 2-3 months more. It was so fascinating to imagine what happens behind these walls, but to express this in a satisfying way, I didn’t managed.

You asked how I start working, well it is all of the three points you mentioned. If you have only the material, it can bring you further, but not really far. I always need an idea but also images around me can be inspiring and now for the pieces I’m working on it, was actually all the three together.

How is it with you going? I haven’t seen so much of your work till now and I’m so curious what you are doing. Did you start with the firewalls? You told once that you liked metal, are you using it in this piece? When you have photos of what you are doing, it would be interesting to see them.

I will stop for now and continue working on the pieces.

The photographs you send of this river of 5 colors, it is unbelievable!! So beautiful, so intense, so special! Thanks a lot!

I will attach a picture of the winter here in Sweden, cold cold cold but beautiful and the white color of everything, together with this blanket covering effect suites to my work. I just remember that you asked which material it is, it is PVC. I also attach a photo of the kitchentable where I’m working here with my stuff on it.

Take care you too!!


waxing facial traits

Hola Eduardo,
A smell like that of a hundred candles burning fills the air, so I opened the windows to let a fresh wind blow through the room. I have been working with melted wax this afternoon. With a thin paint-brush applying the hot wax on the skulls where I don’t want the white slip and glaze to catch on the dark clay. It works the same way batik does, the wax-resist dyeing technique used for cloth. Where the wax has penetrated the fabric the water based colour won’t catch when the cloth is dipped into the dye. Afterwards the wax is removed.

The mouths, eye-sockets and the holes I will thread the skulls through have been covered in wax, so the white slip and the glaze won’t run into these places when dipping the skulls. I want those characteristics to stay clearly visible. And the irregularity in painting the wax will make the ‘facial features’ of each head a bit more individual as well.  When I fire the glazes in the kiln the wax will burn away very quickly. Have a good week and till soon again, Peter


en la calle moncada


porcelain hearts where the intention was to integrate some symbols. I have been working on this,because the idea about making a necklace that is heavy due to the pendants carrying the symbols of our country is quiet  beautiful. It should be a lot of pendants But think it could be from another material wood perhaps, or silver?

So now I am working on silver pendants with shadows of symbols. Like the one  I did in paper. This is the ring I made with the dust beater symbol going on ……..

I am not able to get any images on due to an internal error . put them on later


Eduardo, wow, your photos impress me! Wonderful! Very surprising this long tube. And I immediately see the resemblance with a gut. The gut also makes things travel to a destination. I see how meticulous the work must be and how you must have thought it over a lot before being able to start this large project. It takes a lot of patience. There is a nice Indonesian proverb about guts which means that you have to have patience: -harus panjang usus-: literally: -you have to have long guts-.  So very applicable to this work you are making!  ;-)

biscuit2Thanks for showing me the pictures of the process. I am sure this requires a lot of technical skill, exercise and metric insight. Compared to the other weaved objects you showed me, this one makes an enormous step into the 3-dimensional world. Beautiful and very exciting. I think in this case of a long tube working in an angle of 45 degrees adds to a more interesting pattern to look at, instead of 90 degrees. But I also have the idea that it makes the tube easier to bend in the end. Am I right? I have never seen a jeweller work this way before. What a good idea to work around a tube. Is this the first time you are weaving in a way like this? Weaving around I mean? You combine jewellery and basketry and/or textile techniques. Interesting! Another thing I asked myself seeing your photos: isn’t there the risk your silver woof thread breaks? When you have to bend it over and over again going over and then under each new warp thread. If so: how do you prevent that?
Here I opened the kiln yesterday and the skulls came out red after the biscuit firing. Now have to cover them in white slip and then glaze them. A lot of work also: over 700 skulls. This means over 1400 dippings. :-P   grrr! Hope I can make that before Thursday when my decals are about to arrive.

Success and good progress in your work as well. It looks very nice already, curious what you will add to it. Enjoy the weekend and see you soon again, Peter

Avances :: Advances

ingeni02-1wDel segundo ingenio
From second wit

ingenio3-1wDel tercer ingenio
From third wit
Del sexto ingenio
From sixth wit

Y siguen apareciendo mas ingenios…
And still appearing more wits ….

ingenio8wOctavo ingenio
Eighth wit



like the idea of heavy hanging pendants, I was already making little pendants but a lot in porcelain and was thinking of making pendants in metal or wood which have the shadow of different kind of symbols.

A Necklace with a boundance of hanging symbols. The Necklace you sent with all the wooden tags and symbols is also inspirational. I will try connect to this.

weaving gut, tripa tejida

Me gusta como se ven los cráneos de diferentes tamaños, sobre todo al cambiar en cada círculo del collar, yo creo que va muy bien tu pieza.

Te mando también más imágenes de mi trabajo, es un proceso

Minucioso y de mucha paciencia pero va con buen ritmo.

Tuve una idea que se ajusta bien  al último planteamiento y me gusta que este enlazado a los coches en el tránsito de esta ciudad. Decidí colocar sobre esta superficie tramada, series de broches (pins) cuyas formas son  coches de diferentes tamaños y ángulos en relación a su  trayectoria dentro del tránsito y la forma del tubo tramado

Así en el lado exterior del tubo tejido estarán ubicados pequeños autos de diferentes tamaños acercándose o alejándose sobre esta superficie ritmada traslucida, límite permeable ,tripa metálica  y por el interior de este tejido tubular  existirá la posibilidad de conservar algunos objetos significativos de los acontecimientos que le sigan dando vida individual a ese collar.

Este es un tubo construido con anterioridad y su trama es  paralela al ancho y largo del tubo.

El tubo que ahora construyo presenta una trama inclinada a 45º grados en relación al largo y ancho del tubo

Peter, buen desarrollo para todo lo que sigue y  que estés muy  bien.

I like how the skull of different size looks, especially at the change of every round of the necklace. I think it goes very well your work.

I send you more images of my work, is a very meticulous and need  a lot of patience, but  goes in a good rhythm

I have an idea that is well adjusted to the last set up of my object, I like that will be linked to the cars in the travel of this city. I decide to put upon this weaving surface, series of brooches  with the form of cars in different size and angles related to there trajectory within the travel en the form of the weaving tube.

So then on the exterior side of this tube above this rhythm translucent surface, permeable limit, metallic gut ,will be small cars of different size placed, getting closer or moving away. And inside, will exist the possibility to keep some significant objects of the happenings that continue giving life to this individual necklace.

tejido tubo 2 cm diametro

This is a tube made before and there weaving direction is parallel with the long and wide of the tube

tejido tubo 45º

tejido tubo 45º avance

tejido tubo 45º 1 avance

tejido tubo 2 avance

The tube that I construct now presents a weave direction 45º degree in relation with the long and wide of the tube

Peter, good develop for all the next and by very well.

glazes, slips and decal

The glaze tests didn’t
turn out well all of
them. Some white
glazes became too
transparant (middle
row) on the dark clay.
Raw glazing (without
an extra biscuit
firing) turned out
bubbly (lower row
3rd and 4th one). So
a biscuit firing first and then an extra layer white slip works best (circled ones).
Here a small image of the Photoshop file I sent to the decal printer today. He will send me the decal Wednesday. So want to have my skulls slipped and glazed before that day.
They’re in the kiln now for the biscuit firing (800˚C). Take care, Peter


The streets are completely filled with soil, clay packs the rooms to the ceiling…


Layer by Layer…

Mirrors… Soil…

invisible cities1

Work in progress

Dear Chequita, it was really great to see your ideas in progress and I find it very interesting what you told about the braided carpet beater.

And the fact that you can say that In Surinam most of the people have the same ring made me really curious. Did I miss the image of this ring? I guess only wedding rings have such a wide popularity here in Estonia.

I am thinking about hanging things down, so I am more moving towards the pendants. I will keep the idea of rings in my mind, maybe…

Your origin like a weight you carry on your neck. It can be light and heavy.

If I think about culture and cultivation, I also think about weed-a plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome growing where it is not wanted. I have seen dandelions coming through asphalt roads.

Different layers with different meanings, shapes and materials. Wood, birchbark, found objects. It is still very much in the progress.


Heart shape is inspired from you, I have never used heart, and I am still not sure, if I am going to use this one either :)

I wanted to share an other image with you.


Wooden property marks- very typical to west-coast of Estonia. Fishermen attached them to the fishing nets so they would not get mixed with others. Also in case they were lost, after these signs they were returned to the owner. (Photo is from the museum display, therefore they hang this way).

PS! You have forgotten to put your posts under our space. You can edit your posts also afterwards and simply after opening your post again go to the categories and tick the box in front of our names. :) Then they all will be in the same spot :)