Dear Nano

Here I am again. Time is getting short, I know.

Just to answer your question about the picture I sent: There is no explainable intention about it, I was searching through the www and bumped over it and liked it. I think his work has jewellery-related aspects.

To go for a drink or a coffee it’s definitely a bit far, we live in different spaces, at least geographically, physically I don’t know. I even missed the chance when you have been in Europe. That reminds me of the following anecdote: I went for the premiere of the movie “Wätterschmöker” (weather-smeller), a film about old, traditional weather-prophets of a small valley in Switzerland. The premiere was shown in a nearby city, maybe a one our from there. But still one of the prophets said I am not going, it is too far  away (of course he has never been to a foreign country).

What triggered me with this film was the contraste of people being able to read the weather forecast in the nature’s behaving, being so linked to the earth, but on the other hand denying the global warming, the fact of being not interested about the rest of the world. Globalisation versus regionalisation.  My question is: do you have to think about the whole world, about globalisation if you live at one place, you spend your vacation at this same place, you don’t eat sushi, but regional products etc?

And that’s something I also want to point out: In this globalised world we are very interested in small, traditional, typical, regional topics (world-music, grandmother food, ethnic jewellery). By the way, for your sketches you are also referring to mapuche-jewellery.

I discovered a book by Iain Chambers about “Migrancy, Culture and Identity”. Very interesting, I will probably tell you more about it.

I picked this sentence from one of your posts because it fits perfectly to the piece I am doing for the exhibition. I will write you more about in an email, but that’s the phrase: “But I tend to think that migration is more about transformation…. a mutation in any kind.” Nano, 2009

Last, but not least, since you wrote more than one time about futbol and even compared it to jewellery, I got this image for you!

Sugarpearls United, 2005

My best wihes to you from cold and snowy Switzerland!


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