How to go on?

Hi Chequita, I hope new year has started with lots of good surprises and high energy for you!

Thank you very much for sharing the talisman pictures with me. They are really interesting.

I am glad you liked the idea of dealing with symbols for WGA. Lets continue with it. I do not have a clear picture how to translate it into jewellery jet. I think it is very natural that both of us will find something different from this wide theme.  I am looking forward what will comes out with your inspiration towards Arabic symbols. I will come soon back with my ideas.

And yes, 5th Tallinn Applied Art Triennials seminar and major event are over since mid November, but the exhibition is still on until the end of February.

We have an extreme winter here, since Christmas half a meter of snow and temperature varying from -10 to -25. Yesterday was again -23 day and today -20 with heavy wind.wga1

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