Dear Samantha,

Thank you for the pictures and explanations. I understand your thoughts and your piece. I like the “outgoing” part in the back, it’s odd and strong. Do you think it will be a necklace or brooches at the end?
Its very inspiring for me to see that you have concrete plans and it reminds me that I really have to start to make a concrete jewellery.

I like to use my own situation as an immigrant, hoping that other immigrants can also relate to my situation.

I left my country as an young adult. I will never totally fit in my new, self chosen country because I miss the important child part, the communal past. At the same time I realize that living for 20 years in another country, with an other language, another culture, has changed me so much that I cannot fit in my homeland either.

With that in mind I try to make a necklace with the appearance of a key chain. I’m a symbol, a flower, a bird, not sure yet, cut out of my homeland. At the other side of the chain the symbol has changed and looks like it’s cut out but the shape is different and it doesn’t fit in back anymore. As soon as I have something tangible I send you more images,

lieve groeten, Susanne


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