contact with nature vs. digital world…

I feel problems now a days for me are: digital world and lack of appreciation for nature

I feel the world degrading. Technology brings you facility and time, it makes you forget about what we really are, humans. I feel we are heading toward a digital world where we are most likely to be acting all the same. 

Usually people here in Latin America dream about going to Europe or the US because of its development and  new opportunities, big metropolis, new thing to get, and I confess I have feel the same way too. But I have also met people who want to come to Latin America because of the pureness of the place, where things still work as they used to years and years ago, a less develop country, full of nature. Last summer I went to Costa Rica, we went up the coast of Guanacaste Peninsula though all the beaches. I can say its one of the most beautiful places I have visited, everything was so not humanized , so natural, it was you and mother nature. But I was surprised to find that most of the people that live there were Europeans. It was like a little group of European found paradise and had stayed there ever since, and that is actually their explanation for living there. I remember talking to an Italian women who own a small restaurant, she was surprised that we, people actually from Latin America, were there since usually there are only european tourists. I remember she said ” what happens is that we want what you have and you want what we have”, and she is right people tend not to appreciate what is in front of them. Im curious to know how you feel about Latin America?  

How can  a piece of jewelry create a reaction on others? how can we make them appreciate/consider nature?  I’m interested in a physical art object that can bring a possibility of change, connecting art to the larger world. 

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