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Welcome to the blog Agnieszka! I’m glad to have you here, now we can start really working.

I agree migration most of the times brings loss and pain, but it also brings  strength and satisfaction. As you mention we are lucky to be able to create our way toward our dreams, by choosing where to go and why. Other people have to go though a lot of things to just to reach other country. “When things became too blurry you can always choose another pair of glasses” I really like the way you said this.  I believe everyone who wants to migrate is always looking for a better opportunity, the dream life. But its not always bright, migration has its dark side as well. We pass through a degrade of emotions like a gray scale all the way from black to white, all  shades are different. Everytime I migrate I feel like a soldier on a field hoping to have good luck and give the best to survive. The first time I ever went away from home to Buenos Aires I missed everything too much and I returned home after months, right then there was a part of me that waked up and was starving of curiosity, to see what other people  have, do , don’t ,  think, etc. and the possibilities are endless. And so this new possibilities are the one that make me wanna migrate as much as I can during a period of my life.  But I think it is always important to have someone you know near you, or at least near enough to visit,  because being completely by yourself  could turn catastrophic. Now a days its easier with technology , you can be closer to so many people at the same time, millions of km away, its really amazing, it perfectly fits the lifestyle of the people in this world now a days. Somehow we are all connected.

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