On migrating

Dear Maria Jose,

Interesting thoughts in your email!  When I think about migrating they are two words, which immediately come to my mind, pain and loss. Even though they are some good sides of moving, changing a country and adjusting to a new culture always contains a sacrifice. I am not sure if I would be able to do it again today, maybe if I’ve got an offer I could not resist or if the life of my family would be in danger.

I really enjoy travelling but travelling is not migrating. My migration cost me a lot of effort and undoubtedly had a big impact to who I am today. I do not compare these two cultures (Swedish and Polish) anymore. I just try to understand what it is in front of me, stay open (not easy!) and in the end find out if I want and need this in my life or not. Having access to two cultures gives you simply a bigger field of vision. When things became too blurry you can always choose another pair of glasses.

 Just a week ago I still was in Poland to visit my family. There is always the same strange feeling appearing, nobody can question my presence there. It is pleasant and painful at the same time. It contains a paradox as well.  I was born in Szczecin (Stettin) a city, which belongs to Poland for only sixty years.  Until 1945 the city was German and my mother’s family moved there in 1946 as many other families from the central Poland and eastern border with hope for a better life. A house in which I grew up as little girl belonged certainly to a German family who had to leave the place to save their lives. My place of safety  is somebody’s loss and pain.

Probably most people on this blog like you and me could choose when and how they moved. This is a luxurious position. I had that privilege too but in 1985 when I emigrated for many persons in Eastern Block it was only a dream and it is still for others in the world today.

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