Between symbols

package worn in weddingdressDear Ketli,

How was the conference? And your Eye infection is over now? I think the theme for WTGQA for me could be bout symbols and its meaning. That has always been something I am interested about and when you mentioned the Book(which seems very interesting) this reminded me of a collection I once wanted to make.

I discovered some books about arabic symbols that meanly consists out of geometric forms repeating. And when you take a good look at most of the tiles and other ornaments made there you will discover the geometric paterns.

arabic patterns arabic pattern

So for me it would be interesting to go into this direction, but ofcourse I am curious what yu think of this. Symbols is a big area which has many directions. I inserted a picture of my peace of cloth(for protection)and talisman given to me by my mother on my weddingday.

I also have something with hearts wherever I see one I need to have it. I already have a small collection. This was also something we had as a little girls integrated in our jewellery.

some hearts

I Wish Evereybody a Happy 2010 !!!


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