One morning journey

view on "Segredos e Reliquias" from Teresa Pavão, LH 2009

view on "Segredos e Reliquias" from Teresa Pavão, LH 2009

Today a group of students from the jewelry department of Ar.Co got a guiding tour by the ceramicist and textile artist Teresa Pavão to her exhibition “Segredos e Reliquias” present at the Museum Ricardo Espirito Santo in Lisbon.
I took the chance and joined in, met Dani and other friends, took some photos and got the feeling I was traveling. Traveling because once you enter that museum you feel like being transported to another time. A time where patterns reign.
Patterns overlap patterns, light-shade, miniatures-details. The walls full of paintings become like pages of an album. The paintings themselves portrait the spirit of the specific period. Still-lifes, ships at rough sea, mise en scène of ideals.
Fabrics matching tiles, tiles matching wallpapers, wallpapers matching curtains, curtains matching carpets, carpets matching ceramics, ceramics matching rituals, rituals matching moments, moments matching mentalities, mentalities matching an epoch. Me, the present matching with the past. A line dividing the visitors and the museum’s content. Borderline of two states of mind. A journey lodged in between.

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