Hej dear Connie,

I’m so sorry for what happened!
I never have been in a situation like this but I can imagine a little bit what is going on with you. I understand your silence and emptiness.

Already before I went to Brazil I took some more pictures here in Berlin and I will attach them to this mail.
It is as usual about these empty walls, which tells a lot about what could be behind, but in the same moment they let it open to the observer to imagine whatever he or she wants to see behind.

Where are you living in the moment and do you also have walls like these? Perhaps you can make photos of them as well, I’m curious how they look over there.
And did you start already with material? I’m really curious what you are doing!

Brazil was great!! I really love to be there. It is such a different way of living. People seem to be happier even if they are poorer.
I’m so fascinated by these favelas, their structure, the material from which they are build and how they are build. Some look better build, more stable and organized others are incredible. I will attach a photo from one of them as well.

I send you all my best wishes and lets try to fill this emptiness,
warm regards, Karin


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