I’ve born and raised in Lisbon but my portrait goes beyond the borders of my nationality.
I think, write and speak daily in portuguese and english and in between I dare to introduce a few words in german. I live for 13 years with my german man who inevitable influences me everyday. From the mixture of languages we end up sharing a kind of alternative ‘dialect’ in which portuguese words get german prefixes and english is mixed with german in one single sentence.
I’ve studied in Portugal, Holland and in the USA.
Professionally I am linked worldwide and I couldn’t think of it differently.

photo, LH 2009

photo, LH 2009

Hi Miguel!
Gray area is like fog. We perceive it but we can’t actually grasp it.
We may trespass it but we can’t exaclty determine where we’ve started and where we end to.
Like a neutral surface it invite us to project mental tracks from which we guide ourselves.

How do you walk through a gray area?

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