Dear Sam,

Parma… I visited a few times in my youth. My parents loved to travel each may to Italy visiting all roman places, and my sister and I had to join each year. At that time I was a bit bored about this holidays but while I look back, it was very good for my raising process. I have seen ALL  churches in Italy…. Parma left a memory. I bought a perfume, violet. Viola.

Perhaps my jewelry/flower must have this colour, LILA

Italy left a big memory. Nevertheless I went almost never back. Amsterdam is far away. When I lived in Switzerland it was so easy to go there.

Do you have family in Caracas? Are you going visiting them? It must be great to be born in such an exotic land!!!!

WAX its nice to sculpt. I use it for the motherform in casting.

I’m so curious what you are making, please send me some images if you have some prototypes, try outs.


until a next time, have to have dinner now :) ))

Piero della  Francesca

Piero della Francesca

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