Thanks for the box in advance, I look forward to receiving it!  I will let you know when it has arrived.  I know that there are themes going on here, but I feel that I would like to work with you on something that matters to us,  something that is meaningful, if you see what I mean.  We are global (mobility is part of our lives, so whatever we do, make, say, think, etc, probably contains a good degree of this already, whether we are aware or not).  We all have identities (unfortunately, as I am learning).  And we make jewellery!  There are probably a million ways to integrate this, but I want fire and exuberance burning inside of me to ignite my creative exploration within this project……

I will be in London until next week, so maybe we can do some thinking/sketching/etc…..until then, all the best….B Y E


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