Mosaico 03?

Hola Sussane!!

Everyday I try to read the blog and I have to confess that I get nervous at times when I try to process all of the information I read, but anyways…

I pay lots of attention to your writings and I think about them a lot. First of all, I have a lot of different ways to work and approach a piece of jewelry that I’m creating, sometimes the pieces are well structured, such as the necklace that we already talked about, one can really perceive my architectural background and the school of thought that influenced me while developing that piece. But other times, it is purely about feelings, stories, dreams that belonged to me or others. I understand how you work at times and I would love to know more, you know? I had seen your work prior to meeting you and when I saw some of your work; it reminded me of the pieces I had seen of you to perfection. I find your work very strong and subtle at the same time, I hope one day my pieces can achieve the subtleness I see in your work.

You have been in so many places around the world!!!!!

I have not been in as many places as you have, but the one thing I can share is that Barcelona has been the place where I have spent the most time and were my feelings have evolved and changed the most. This is the place that has made understand what an outsider feels like, what being an immigrant really means.

This is the list of the places I have been.

I was born and raised in Caracas. Caracas is colors, the tropic, diverse vegetation and exotic fruits!! MY HOME!!! At the end of the day, this is home base.

Mexico short trip during my childhood, I have a few images in my brain as a result of this trip.

New York is a city in constant transformation. One can reinvent that place every time is visited (my sister and my nephew live there)

I have visited other places in the US and Canada. I have been in Boston, Washington, Miami, Montreal, and Chicago. I spent six months in Chicago which I used to enjoy the city’s architecture and urban design.

In Europe I have traveled as a tourist and visited places such as London, Madrid, Bilbao, Granada, Zaragoza, Toledo, and San Sebastian amongst others. I have also been to Paris, Roma, Milano, and Parma. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work in Parma, which was the city I loved the most while being in Italy, it is such a gorgeous and elegant city. Athens and the Greek islands are very familiar and special to my heart because a very good friend of mine resides there. Istanbul!! I would go back there if I had the time to let the city take me without the constraints of being a tourist.  Geneva, Amsterdam, and Toulouse, amongst others that I can’t reacall at the moment.

Ahhh and there will always be a special place in my heart for a small Caribbean island named Aruba which will always bring me peace, that was my family and some of my closest friends vacation place during my teenage years.

I read how your piece came about and it summarizes all the feelings inspired by a place. I like that!

I have an idea, but it is still without any form, and what I want to express is a particular feeling that sometimes I get and is that of “no place at all”. It is complicated it is like feeling that you belong no where but yet all those places make you who you are. I intent to deepen my thoughts on this on future writings.

Ahhh!!!I have been experimenting with resins and silicone molds. Recently though, I am working with wax for special orders from clients.



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