when the word layers suggest me some kind of sadness


Hi Andrea. There are too many old buildings in Idar_Oberstein? I have that feeling.-

I’m always watching the city where I live (now is Valparaiso), I’m very interested in knowing what it’s happening with the old buildings and the new ones. Here is very common to see how the old buildings are disappearing because a fire, earthquakes or just because they have been abandoned for many years. The law it isn’t very strong to protect them, and of course, it’s a best business to build from zero, so many, many buildings are disappearing. It’s quite sad. It’s very different of what I have seen in Europe, that seems to be the opposite.

As architect, is easier to go inside these buildings…at least to be a witness.

I took this picture some days ago. This building withstood one of the majors earthquakes of Valparaiso (1906), it’s a solid one!, and now all the parts have been taking away to be sell as wood, parquet, windows and doors.

I have the impression that the building itself it’s like a big person, and somebody it’s taking off his clothes, layer by layer. It’s a complete nudity.

Paint//Plaster as a Copihue relief (National flower of Chile) //Modern MDF panel //Wood //Adobe

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