“I have been thinking that we could generate a list of places we both know and have visited and continue on that line of thought…”

Dear Samantha

I’m very happy to hear that you understand my situation, my feelings, and my questions and that we have it in common.

Nevertheless I think that you are working and thinking very different than I am. I see that you like diagrams; you’re more concrete than I am. I like the necklace idea. I can see your architectural qualities. However I start new pieces less rational, but need also a structure. Perhaps I can explain my decisions for a certain form less precisely, it’s coming up more like an image to me, more instinctive.

I will try to write down all places I visited. All cities.

Than we can add small comments, seeing if we got a discussion. Perhaps the last place visited has left the biggest impression? Or perhaps a certain experience has left a color or odor.

If I’m honest I already have a piece of jewelry in my mind for this project. It came up after I wrote on the blog about homesickness.

It’s an oleander flower upside-down. It represents my feelings about the sadness of the home left behind, the critic I have about it but on the same time the sweet memory of it and the happy feeling about my new country. It represents myself, covering my real identity to unknown people, protecting my inside, and floating on endless water.

A, Norway (end of the world, big impression, inspiring)

Amsterdam (where I live since 18 years, love, son, work, career, home, inspiration for jewelry)

Antwerp (clothes, love, food)

Barcelona (visited 3 times, warm, swimming pool, ramblas, cava, food, love, shoes etc.)

Bellinzona (climbing, under the stars in the night, inspiration for the rest of my life, stones)

Bern (I have a hate/love feeling about it, because of a love story)

Berlin (Twice, before and after the wall was broken down, love it, feeling free, warmth, kindness, big, freedom)

Bruges Belgium (Jacques Brel)

Brussels (several times, food)

Bulle (in the mountains in Switzerland, lived for one year, a long time ago, youth, car, love, adult, work)

Comares/Andalucia (long, relaxing holiday, Flamenco dance and music, inspiration for collection “Frozen” about white and nature, felt in love with a dog…)

Cologne (Food, Books)

Granada (lost)

Edinburgh, rest of Scotland (inspiration, relaxing, music, love)

Florence (architecture, colors)

Gent (Jacques Brel)

Geneva (visited twice, cold impression)

Cordoba (inspiration mesquita, food, wine)

Istanbul (twice, see, father, first oyster, odor)

Lausanne (lived one year, cold, study, lake)

London (several times, cold, Indian, bad sleep, stress)

Lucerne (grandparents, carnival, Rigi mountain, childhood)

Luxembourg (twice for exhibition, food, museum)

Malaga (Arena, boring, tapas)

Milano (visited several times, love it, food, cold)

Montreux (jazz festival, lake, love)

Munich (several times, grand parents, first beer, old, schmuck, sadness)

Paris (several times, inspiration, love to come again and again, love, culture, gloves, photography)

Roma (cars, tradition, food, did’nt like it)

Rotterdam (could live there)

Selcuk Turkey (worked and lived one month, made a collection, loved it, odor, sound, garden, cats)

Siena (place, food)

St. Petersburg (3 weeks, worked as assistant for my partner a photographer, loved it but was happy to go home, said, new, strange, inspiration, bridges)

Torino (once, love, night, lights, tunnel)

Trondheim Norway (to short)

Tokyo (twice for exhibitions, cried when left, food, work, people, material, would like to go back for longer!)

Venice (visited twice, cold, boring, yes..)

Vienna (long ago, didn’ love it)

Zurich (born, grow up, my dialect, love, adventure, art academy, lake, snow, ski, mountain in summer, odor, climbing, films, books, childhood etc.)

While I’m writing all the cities down I think this is boring…

I stop, what sense does it makes?

There are so many more without significance.

There are only few, which inspired my work directly…In fact its nature and Amsterdam who is inspiring…Phfuahh


I cannot wait seeing your list, finding some in common!

Good night.

My last 3 rings for the Redlight collection


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