The midnight man

Dear Luzia,

Long time no see!

The algae are very strange living things. They are detached (Are they? They travel a lot! And they are eatable! And can be sticky and can be beautiful!). At the same time they carry their home environment in their cells.

So many materials resemble them. If they were jewellery pieces they could be made of leather. Instead of lost beings found somewhere, they would be part of a shared culture and then they could float in the medium we create with our energy (effort, communication, work, words). And this medium would be part of them too.

Finally they could be made of what they are.

Still on the picture finding fun I found this one. It was taken last February and shows one of Olinda’s carnival high points: The midnight man (O homem da meia noite). The midnight man is a giant doll that goes out on a particular day and is said to have enchanted many people with his charms. I admit I was quite fascinated by him and impressed with how much people love this guy.

Every year he wears a special outfit and dresses up under the blessings of his Orixás, African-Brazilian deities, hence his seductive power.

This night was really scary because of the heavy rain and of so many people, all soaked. It felt as if the rain washed up my soul (meaning bliss). As a bonus to the spiritual treatment, I got the impression that The midnight man looked right at me as he passed by…  ; )

O homem da meia noite

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