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Hi Nano

Double-Standards? I am not sure if I understand right. You mean that on the one hand one congratulates himself for being tolerant when it is not hurting and being avaricious if it gets to the point to share the pie?

I don’t know if art can really change social problems. It can make you to start thinking about problems. It can hit weak points, it can shock. But who? Art consumers, fine art consumers are fom a small social class. But it is important to do art projects and to place them into society, even though you feel like Sysiphos. For example if you do projects with children, as I read in the internet, you train them to use their brains.

Do you consider yourself as an artist or as a jeweller? Or an artist jeweller, or an artistic jewellery designer or a jeweller maker without limits, or a wheterfishnorbird jeweller, an artist-in-jewellery. I am making jokes if I write these expressions. But sometimes I get confused  by defining my job title. When is jewellery art? In my opinion an artistic object should make a statement to which anybody can rely to (the personal story of the artist is not anymore relevant). The esthetic criterias of the object are secondary, but must follow the content of the statement. I called my profession on my website “About jewellery”. Because I like to treat topics from the jewellery world, but I certainly don’t do jewellery that the mainstream recognises as jewellery. They often feel repelled from it. And jewellery attract? And if I act in such way I work more as an artist than a jeweller.Maybe it is also not so important, but this questions pops regularly up.

But getting back to the primary topic about migrational problems and how can art interact I must admit that my work is not very political, but I hope it has some socialcritic aspects.

To close or for dessert an image: I like the work of Ai Weiwei, also for the choice of his materials. I like if art  is materialised and not exclusively intellectual.

Best wishes from Zurich! Natalie


Ai Weiwei “Descending Light”

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