critical consumption 2

Praline, LH 2005

Praline, LH 2005

Hi again, consumerism was a subject I’ve stirred in some works as well but more obvious in the series entitled Praline. In this particular case the dichotomy of precious-waste and image-content, emphasizes the subjectivity of people’s notion of value within their social context. As in your work Praline questions the material desires to project them as signs of psychological stereotypes.
In Portugal the material value of a jewel it is still felt as a very strong weight in people’s choice.

Where to begin? That’s THE question  that as been surrounding me for a couple of weeks…

In former posts I’ve mention the comunication as an important issue for me in this project, the crossing of ideas and the diffusion of mental boundaries. But I also came across the analogy macro-micro which I see as a very interesting subject when we come to discuss our way to sense the world: home, territory, property or the feeling of being a corn in the vast  field.

In this project some key issues were lain on the table:
individual and cultural expession
global context
cultural exchange, migration
globalized trends
identity: loss or perdurance
how  jewelry addresses all the listed above

another interesting point questioned and perhaps close to the way we might direct this collaboration is: Does cultural exchange lead to broadening artistic borders or to uniformity?

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