Thanks for your mail.

I have a bit of the same experience as you with jewelry; it just feels right. I need to know -why- I’m making something. I believe everybody is responsible for the quality of what they make, there are so many products in this world that are useless in a lot of senses like functionality, esthetically etc…… With jewelry the never ending search of how to make a good piece somehow works….. It is challenging but also very rewarding to work on the quality; me as artist, the content of my work, the technical solutions…..

Me also I’m a  lot on the road in the near future. Hope that we manage to continue anyway….! It would be lovely to come to Barcelona, my dream since years, but I will be going to Finland beginning of November for the Koru3 seminar. At the same time I will see my family which is great! They all live in Finland, I’m the only one abroad.

Please send me again the photo of your work!

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