a cross by two parallel lines

Hi Miguel, thanks for the nice photo you’ve posted. I can see some line crossing with this work of mine. I did it for the dutch fair Sieraad 2007 and contest under the theme Symbols of Faith.

'There is nothing you can't hold on to', LH 2007

'There is nothing you can't hold on to', LH 2007

For the two pieces I came up with I gave the title There is nothing you can’t hold on to and wrote the following as an additional thought:

There is nothing you can’t hold on to. There isn’t one single way to view the world. There is my way, your way, many ways and that’s exactly where freedom lies. Anyone can have a personal definition of existence and that’s the beautiful thing. Faith becomes a multiform, multicultural, multi-wonder grip.
The line where we hang our thoughts is flexible, swings as we move across our achievements. The paths we trace with conviction aren’t necessarily fixed but they surely should be good. LH2007

I’ve been in your site before and realised you’re mainly working with sculptures and interactive installations.

I am as well curious to know more about your work and specially what made you interested in jewelry?

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