Hi Leonor

Hi Leonor,

Sorry my last entry was so brief, trying to follow the blog a bit better now and I’d like to learn more about your work and ideas. I’ve enjoyed seeing the range of things posted by you and others thus far.

As for my own work, I must confess that I’m not really a jewelry maker. However, I did reference jewelry in a recent project entitled “Pure Plantainum.” It was a sculptural project that began as an homage to the plátano (green plantain) – a stereotypical yet iconic symbol of Puerto Rican and Caribbean culture. In this series I had actual plantains plated in platinum. The exteriors boast a thin pristine layer of precious metal while the actual fruit decomposes within. They are presented like emblematic jewels that transform cultural stigmas into urban expressions of pride.

Plátano Pride

-Miguel Luciano

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