Reflecting on Reflection……

Hi Dani.

Nice photos and thoughts.  I like your comment on what the mirror means to you:  Mix of identities and permanent change.  What is funny is that our mood also affects what we see in ourselves when we look into a mirror, in the same way that our moods (emotions) affect how we see everything else; always changing.  I am reflecting now.

Lately I have been learning about the ego and how it exists within us, distorting our views and whispering endless thoughts and comments in our minds (judging, labeling, weighing, wanting, needing, evaluating, hating, loving, etc).  The moods within us change constantly because our egos constantly change their minds.  I am also conducting an experiment with myself at the moment called ‘Living in The Now’, in other words being where I am and not thinking or being in the thoughts in my head.  Interesting so far.  I have no real expectations here.

The mirror (now that I reflected) is needed primarily by the ego.  I am not sure why I wrote this.  I am not even sure if it true or false, but somehow it makes sense to me.  Or perhaps I ought to rephrase the sentence above:  The mirror, depending on how much it is used, is needed primarily by the ego.  I like mirrors because they represent light and illusion to me.  I am continuously drawn into this illusion, it tricks me into believing it.  I also think that mirrors separate two worlds, that of being and that of doing.  I am the life that animates me, not that which I see reflected in a mirror (but that is who I think I am – the physical form).  The mirror then is a gateway into the illusion or into the truth!

My work has always revolved around themes such as the escape from reality, energy within objects, absurdity, nonsense, etc.  The mirror seems to encapsulate all of these themes somehow………….

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