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Hi Again……

I needed a week of not posting to bring myself back in alignment.  I really enjoyed the image of the fetus and the planet.  Did you make it?  Even though I am not a fetus myself, I feel like I am going through an incubation period right now.  I sort of feel like I am hiding in a (very large and modern) nest, focusing on being and allowing things to happen without me trying to break, I mean, open doors with a crowbar.  My journey through jewellery has very much felt like breaking one door open after another (because they wouldn’t open themselves), only to find that there was nothing of interest and value to be found on the other side, just another door with a promising golden smile of illusion.  So while some doors need or ask to be opened, others perhaps need to remain shut.  I also believe that sometimes we encounter doors closing while others open by themselves to guide us along along our path though life…..

Here is a photo of my favourite door(way) in Varanasi, India.


So have you thought at all about what we could work on together?  I haven’t really yet, but I have to say that after reading the word ‘mirror’ at the end of your door post, something sparked in my mind.  I was planning to make a collection about mirrors, reflection, time, illusion, reality, unreality, birds, crystals and a twist on the concept of Alice in Wonderland, but something in me hasn’t wanted to work at all.  Yet now I see that we definitley have thoughts, ideas and things in common, in sync.  Maybe something to work with??????

This is an image of Giuseppe Penone wearing mirror contact lenses.  He cannot see, but the world can see itself reflected in his eyes.


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